Decades of experience

A collection of like minded entrepreneurs, OSS professionals and hard-core developers combined to make the awesome team that is Abilisoft, a team that represents decades of experience in the IT industry. 

Andy Onacko - Founder & CEO

Andy Onacko is Founder and CEO of Abilisoft. A serial entrepreneur, Andy was also Founder and CEO of Abilitec in 1999, which was acquired by Innovise PLC in 2007. Prior to this, Andy was Director of Managed Services at Timeplex, a role in which he amassed a detailed understanding of company restructuring and technology integrations.


Roy Coutinho - Director

Roy has considerable international big ticket sales experience, taking responsibility for making the difference to the bottom line. He was the CEO for a dot-com business, taking it from launch to a sale to RBS. Roy oversaw the development of an 8,000-seat call centre operation built on a BOOT basis over four locations, which was then sold to an international call centre operator. He had responsibility for delivering year-on-year sales of some £60m, through global direct and virtual teams. Roy’s first business was an IT services business that attained preferred supplier status for ICI International and achieved a lucrative exit to a competitor.

Dave Charles - CTO

Dave Charles took the role of Chief Technology Officer at Abilisoft from its inception and is responsible for the technological direction of the company and product development. Prior to joining Abilisoft, Dave was at Tideway Systems, which was acquired by BMC and whose CMDB product was incorpoated into the ADDM suite. Dave has been engaged in software engineering for 25 years in a career that has included developing simulation software for the UK's Air Defence System, writing embedded, real-time manufacturing control systems and implementing ERP systems for the Steel Industry. During this time Dave has worked for the UK Ministry of Defence, solo in small outfits and in blue-chip, multi-national conglomerates. This has given Dave a unique insight into the demands on IT in a wide range of landscapes both in the UK and internationally.