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Abilisoft Assure guarantees the performance and availability of your IT operations management systems themselves; meaning that issues with your operations systems are caught early so you're not caught out.

Abilisoft Assure, ensuring business continuity

Abilisoft Assure guarantees the uptime of critical business services, such as fault and performance management, and service desk, by proactively identifying and correcting service degradation before it fails, in complex physical or cloud-based IT environments.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Operational Support Systems (OSS) were originally developed on mainframes to enable telecommunications providers to manage large networks of voice lines. The concept has also filtered into the enterprise market, often under the concept of “Business Support Systems” (BSS). OSS and BSS solutions monitor, control, analyse and manage problems within a telephone or computer network. 

Another category of related software is Business Service Management (BSM); solutions that track the performance and availability of network components that support applications in the enterprise.
A common factor with all of these solutions is that they tend to focus upward towards the IT infrastructure they intend to support. Software vendors concentrate on their breadth of coverage, scale and features; investing less time in OSS integration and interoperability.

As a result, monitoring systems suffer from common problems around performance availability and configuration change management, which means that they tend not to be accountable to the organisation using them. So who guards the guards?

Designed by OSS professionals for OSS professionals

Many organisations live in fear of not actually knowing when their system is degrading or at risk of failing. And, as business services expand and operational support systems (OSS) increase in complexity, ensuring the uptime of all of these different components is becoming more and more difficult. With the introduction of best practice frameworks such as eTOM and ITIL, a greater accountability of operational control is required.

Abilisoft Assure has been designed by OSS professionals for OSS professionals, specifically to address the challenges of maintaining large deployments of common business software tools such as Netcool, HP, BMC Patrol, CA etc., by monitoring and alerting on their availability and health.

Abilisoft Assure continuously monitors the existing monitoring solution to:

  • Ensure that the OSS are providing value for money
  • Analyse current performance, availability and configuration
  • Identify future problems
  • Provide key information via a web-based console
  • Alert when appropriate

Assure gives NOC teams peace of mind, by:

  • Proactively identifying problems on the network as and when they occur enabling speedy resolution
  • Ensuring the continuity of network performance
  • Protecting revenue
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction

Once installed, Assure takes over many of the routine procedures currently performed by OSS professionals, releasing them to perform more vital tasks. Multiple key statistics and measurements are constantly mined and analysed, to give an unambiguous assessment of the true nature of each OSS component. Assure provides greater visibility and assurance of OSS monitoring tools as well as encouraging IT best practices.