16th March 2010

Abilisoft Announces Abilisoft Lite

Abilisoft Lite provides real time information on the availability of hardware and applications, how they are performing, and if the service is degrading. Abilisoft Lite is the perfect, simple to deploy solution for sites with a small number of servers. It installs out of the box using intuitive setup screens and will connect to legacy systems if required.

Abilisoft Lite delivers an affordable server and application management solution that is quick to install, easy to use and simple to maintain. It manages the complexities of IT monitoring across multiple operating systems, applications, databases and networks, with rapid implementation and ease-of-use:

  • Combines a lightweight user interface with low–footprint agent technology
  • Simultaneously monitors servers, applications, services and networks, in real time
  • Provides live event notification in virtual, physical and cloud environments
  • Presents data in a single, easy to use dashboard for agent configuration and reporting

User Interface

Abilisoft Lite enables a user to connect to and interact with multiple agents via a web browser. Features include:

  • Configures multiple agents quickly and easily
  • Performs queries on agents
  • Provides a graphical representation of certain metrics, including agent performance
  • Stores test results for future analysis
The Abilisoft Lite interface gives the administrator visibility of the raw results of every test being performed. This enables users to evaluate servers, applications and network devices at a very detailed level, to accurately perform fault diagnosis and resolution.

For further details on Abilisoft, please contact:

Mark Cowan