7th July 2011

Abilisoft Presents at EuroPython 2011

EuroPython is the official European conference for the Python programming language. The conference is aimed at everyone in the Python community, of all skill levels; both users and programmers.

The Abilisoft presentation was entitled “Exploring CPython's bytecode”, discussing how to read a .pyc file, and how to follow the steps the interpreter takes to arrive and a usable python module. The presentation also investigated the structure of the bytecode itself, and the principles of the virtual machine, detailing how the VM executes this bytecode to do useful work.

Floris Bruynooghe, senior technical architect at Abilisoft, commented; “The session was well attended, and I hope that delegates left with a good idea of the various workings of CPython and how to manipulate it to create weird, wonderful, dangerous and occasionally useful hacks.”

To find out more about the conference, to download the presentation, or to view a recording of the session, please click here

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