5th September 2011

Abilisoft Provides the Next Generation of Security Protection

This state of the art solution comprises Abilisoft’s intelligent monitoring technology which is deployed across the network, databases and applications, proactively gathering all security events as they happen. Abilisoft collects and translates the security events into a common language, assign a threat level, and feed them into Abilisoft Enterprise, the analysis engine. The engine rapidly processes and filters the mass of events that have been generated, by applying correlation and stepped rules which identify the different types of attack. Applying business context information, the true risk to the organisation can be determined and corrective action prioritised.

The solution incorporates rapid automated resolution, enabling organizations to immediately overcome security breaches in real-time."

The Abilisoft SIEM solution excels at:

  • Abilisoft provides a single dashboard view of all activities, furnishing the OSS team with a single point of control for monitoring administration
  • Abilisoft ensures greater operational efficiency, as administration and the time and cost invested in maintaining the network is radically reduced
  • Abilisoft simplifies the monitoring and collection layers of the network, reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Automating the roll out of upgrades makes the process seamless and pain free
  • Abilisoft offers a transparent and fair pricing model, enabling the OSS team to consolidate the number of vendor companies it is contracted to
  • By adding basic workflow process to the Abilisoft solution, service providers have the ability to automate fixes and work towards creating a self-healing network
  • Abilisoft improves customer satisfaction and retention by improving service levels

For further details on Abilisoft, please contact:

Mark Cowan