2nd December 2006

Abilisoft goes it alone

Co-founders, Mark Cowan and Andrew Onacko launched Abilisoft back in 2005 as a software product division within Abilitec.  Always intended to be the next venture, Abilisoft was created to tackle the growing market requirement for a network performance solution that is easy to use, simple to maintain that deploys out of the box.

Now that Abilitec has been sold and is part of Innovise Plc., Abilisoft has become a stand-alone entity in the market place, underpinned by its year on year growth and healthy sales revenue.

When asked of his ambitions for Abilisoft CEO Andrew Onacko said: "We're looking forward to taking Abilisoft all the way.  We plan to build on our already excellent team, cool feature set and steady sales revenue to make Abilisoft a well known, reliable and trust-worthy brand".