30th September 2006

Abilisoft releases the inaugural version of MTM

Today Abilisoft announced the first formal release of its MTM product.

Operational Support Systems (OSS) were originally developed on mainframes to enable telecommunications providers to manage large networks of voice lines. The concept has also filtered into the enterprise market, often under the concept of “Business Support Systems” (BSS). OSS and BSS solutions monitor, control, analyse and manage problems within a telephone or computer network. 

Another category of related software is Business Service Management (BSM); solutions that track the performance and availability of network components that support applications in the enterprise.

A common factor with all of these solutions is that they tend to focus upward towards the IT infrastructure they intend to support. Software vendors concentrate on their breadth of coverage, scale and features; investing less time in OSS integration and interoperability.

As a result, monitoring systems suffer from common problems around performance availability and configuration change management, which means that they tend not to be accountable to the organisation using them. So who guards the guards?

The answer to that little conundrum is MTM! MTM has been designed by OSS professionals for OSS professionals, specifically to address the challenges of maintaining large deployments of common business software tools such as Netcool, HP, BMC Patrol, CA etc., by monitoring and alerting on their availability and health.