7th October 2008

Abilisoft releases the inaugural version of its Monitoring Agent, MA

Today Abilisoft announced the first formal release of its stand-alone monitoring agent product.

The Abilisoft Monitoring Agent (MA) is an autonomous, highly configurable, low-footprint application that can be installed on a wide range of supported platforms to monitor the performance and availability of your physical and virtual servers, applications, databases and services. Information is gathered periodically for CPU, memory, disk and interface utilisation, processes, files and directories; data gathered is analysed for anomalous behaviour and when operational parameters are breached MA will take action, for example, send a notification to a designated destination.

MA is installed on a server and when started will retrieve its monitoring configuration from either a web service or the local file system. You can tailor the monitoring to precisely suit your requirements; there are over 40 different monitors to keep an eye on:

  • System resources like CPU, memory, disk and swap space
  • Network interface availability and utilisation
  • Processes
  • Log, data and configuration files
  • Databases
  • Web servers
  • Virtualisation infrastructure
  • Network devices
  • Other servers where the agent cannot be installed

The agent’s monitoring configuration specifies what actions it should take when a certain observation is made, for example, if the server’s CPU usage is excessive for too long then the agent might send an alert to the Abilisoft Event Manager. The monitoring configuration also elects data to be dispatched for performance monitoring purposes. This data can be propagated to Abilisoft’s own performance monitoring solution, an alternate vendor’s product or an in-house database.

MA is a small footprint, easy to install daemon. Logically, MA consists of:

  • Monitoring Engine. Gathers data based on the monitoring configuration, data collected is made available to the Performance and Analysis engines.
  • Performance Engine. Selects data nominated for performance data collection and queues the data for dispatch to a performance data collector (normally this is Abilisoft UP).
  • Analysis Engine. Checks collected data against allowed parameters and raises observations if a breach is detected.
  • Action Engine. Examines raised observations and invokes required actions; e.g. send a notification or perform a corrective action.
  • Agent Store. Stores agent generated data in a rolling window including acquired metrics, observations generated, a record of actions taken and agent status.
  • Web API. Enables an authenticated and authorised user to query the Agent Store and also invoke agent actions, e.g. Reload the monitoring configuration.

Other Features

  • Self and Peer monitoring. MA can be configured to monitor its health and the health of other Abilisoft agents. This means you can assure the operation of critical monitoring within your infrastructure.
  • Dynamic monitoring. MA is able to modify its own monitoring activities based on observations raised, making interesting monitoring solutions possible.
  • SNMP Notifications. MA has a very flexible mechanism for sending SNMP Traps (and Informs) using v1, v2c or v3 of the protocol, enabling easy integration with network management products from other vendors.
  • Platforms. MA can be installed on a wide range of platforms including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, Solaris (x86 and SPARC), AIX (Power), Windows and Apple OSX