12th June 2005

Abilisoft is Launched

Co-founders, Mark Cowan and Andrew Onacko have launched Abilisoft to tackle the growing market requirement for a network performance solution that is easy to use, simple to maintain and deploys out of the box.

The pair brings a wealth of experience to the organisation.

Mark Cowan will take the role of Chief Executive Officer and will be responsible for Abilisoft's strategic direction and growth. Prior to founding Abilisoft, Cowan was CEO at Abilitec, Europe's largest Tivoli Automation Services partner that has consistently delivered double-digit growth year-on-year.

Andrew Onacko, a serial entrepreneur who also founded Abilitec in 1999, will join the board of Abilisoft. Andrew was also Director of Managed Services at Timeplex, and brings to the table a detailed understanding of company restructuring and technology integrations.

For further details on Abilisoft, please contact:

Mark Cowan